United States: napadnicâ California klâlasâ fidelity “Islamic State”

Napadnicâ, which is accused of assault in the State of California in the United States, which killed 14 people, klâlasâ fidelity ekstremìsts′komu ugrupovannû "Islamic State", said u.s. officials.

According to them, a citizen of Pakistan, 27-year-old Tašfìn Malik said about it one time in a statement she issued on the Internet in support of the leadership of this group.

Her together with her husband, 28-year-old citizen of the United States Saêdom Rìzvanom Farukom, born in the United States is the son of immigrants from Pakistan, accused in the shooting in the Hall where took place celebration, in San Bernardino County in California, the result of which was also injured 21 people.

They fled after the attack on avtì, but police caught up with them, and in the Shootout were both killed.

United States law enforcement officers say that this attack could be perfect in action "Islamic State", but currently has no data that this group could give an indication to implement it.

This attack brought the most victims in the United States since the time of the shooting, 2012 in high school in Connecticut, when killed 26 people.

Source: radiosvoboda

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