Uladzìmìr Hìl′manovìč: Polarization

The technique is widely used the term "polarization". If you do not go into the details, it is a phenomenon with means processes and conditions related to the Division of any objects in space. Science, went further and deeper from the humanities and can accurately and in detail and arrange everything, as they say, on shelves and drawers. And here's how the polarization of the worldview of the people puzzle yet.
In our time this division more radikalìzuvavsâ, low incomes and often takes extreme forms. In normal parlance, this means that many people who studied in the same school, lived in nearby doorways, were on friendly terms for decades – today cannot agree in the main views on the processes that are taking place around us. Some of my friends povidalâli your oblìkovki popular in the post-Soviet space ìnternetservìsì social network "classmates", unable to withstand the flurry of aggressive dissent from their friends and acquaintances. Somehow one of my friend admitted that no longer go to traditional februaries meeting classmates in schools: "you realize, like get, he told me nothing about what to talk!". And that's where classmates, or student friends. Many of the families on the ground assessing the events of today comes from a misunderstanding of the real hatred.
Very often the separation goes through the ocìncku of one or another historical figure. Zgadalosâ me how to over twenty years ago, I worked in the Museum of the history of religion. Came once on a tour of the exposition to the colorful uncle, as it came from a distance, somewhere with Gomel′ŝini. Led to the enlightenment of his son-a schoolboy. Just then, for all you lot of historical truth. I'm with her, almost maksimalìzmom youth alive began to teach all that he could. However, on the faces of my students rose misunderstanding. Especially sad was the uncle, when I was telling the historical truth about how Tsar Peter the first committed a terrible crime in Poloc′komu Sofia Cathedral. The visitor was deeply disappointed. Anything he said, but it was evident that simply do not believe in this fact, and my educational tour went in vain. But not vain for me personally-probably then realized that the obvious and undeniable facts people might see quite differently, or do not believe in them. Already it would seem, that could be the difference in understanding the historical role of the same Stalin. For us it is obvious that this is the creator of the monstrous inhuman system that destroyed millions of people crippled physically and spiritually several generations. But almost half of today's inhabitants of Russia positively assess its role in the history of the State. In Belarus this cult also projected on the present-the creation of all sorts of false and psevdoìstoričnih "Stalin's line". Well, anyone who manages such States to understand is simple-they build their power by lenìns′ko-Stalinist model. But how to understand those millions that the Soviet system turned into eternal slaves, people deprived of the elementary-to think his head. Here aptly once said our Grodno poetess Danuta Bìčel′: "nothing you im not going and not explain they were born blind and deaf." Or is it the genes, or is it some "chakras" are not disclosed, or is it something completely different.
And if on the side of the historical lies, state propaganda, the split in society will only deepen and hatred grow. Polarization along the lines of "stalìnìsti"-"enemies of the people", "lukašisti"-the "fifth column", "Moskovskie kholop" – "American attendants", "Belarus to Europe"-"few measures" to stop the now extremely difficult. For twenty years we were coming, or we dragged, violence towards the reincarnation of the murky, seemingly irretrievable past. But what to do with the collisions of outlooks, with arguments of friends and loved ones. The algorithm here, it seems to me, quite simple. If you are a "clinical" case, the "wall"-no need to roztračati the spiritual force. As it says in the Bible-"vìdvernisâ and go their way." If there is a possibility at least in something to convince the interlocutor, you need to talk, talk, talk. Give simple examples to explain "on your toes". Because drop stone sharpening. But the main thing-do not respond to evil-evil, lie-lie, to aggression-hatred. Each person, too, something that depends on …

Uladzìmìr Hìl′manovìč 
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