The White House was told about that Obama warned Putin

The President of the United States Barack Obama warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia's sanctions can be eased only if execution of Mìns′kih arrangements. This is stated in the statement of the United States National Security Council at the White House, according to UNIAN.

Leaders met in the framework of the climate summit in Paris. "President Obama also gave special significance to the importance of the work for a diplomatic solution of the crisis in the East of Ukraine through a full implementation of Russia's obligations under the Mìns′kimi agreements, noting that if Minsk will be fully implemented, the sanctions can be eased," – said at the White House.

Obama, moreover, expressed his condolences to Putin over the death of a Russian pilot of aircraft Su-24 and announced their support for the purposes of de-escalation of the situation in the relations between Russia and Turkey. They discussed the urgent need to obtain progress in the Vienna process to install a ceasefire and political solution of the civil war in Syria.

Obama once again stressed the need for the resignation of the President of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad within the framework of the launching of the political transition period in Syria. At the same time, he stressed the urgent need to focus military efforts against the "Islamic State", the mìžnarodnakoalìcìâ is already engaged, and not against the moderate party of the opposition.

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