The Vatican urged Catholics to make peace with the Jews

The Vatican has approved the document, which urged Catholics around the world to abandon claims that visovuvalis′ to the Jews by Christians throughout the last two millennia.

About the Vatican's decision was reported in a document released on Thursday by the Commission for religious relations with the Jews, reports Reuters.

"So the Church has taken the baptism of Jews who believe in one God, in a manner that is different from the idea of people professing other religions and beliefs," called on the Holy See.

Also notes that it is worth of special care approach to the problem of the Holocaust by doing "everything possible to help our friends-Jews fight anti-Semitic tendencies."

"A Christian cannot be anti-Semitic, especially because Christianity's Jewish roots," written in the new document.

The document was posted to the 50 anniversary of the revolutionary solution to the Vatican that refuted the collective guilt of Jews martyred Christ Jesus, crucified by the decision of the Council of the known Roman prokuratora Pontius Pilate.

"In concrete terms, this means that the Catholic Church does not support any institutional mission to the baptism of Jews and do not support it," said the document, which also notes that the very idea of "Jewish mission" the Vatican essentially contradicted.

This is the first time in history, when the Vatican so clearly demonstrates his attitude to Jews in an official document.

Until the 1960s, every Good Friday, Jews were accused of "perfidy", which resulted in the death of Jesus Christ, and encouraged to adopt Christianity.

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