The Strasbourg Court expressed concern about listening system in Russia

The European Court of human rights stated that the existing system of scale in Russia listen to and record telephone conversations, threatens to destroy democratic institutions.

After considering the complaint Department Fund publicity in St. Petersburg, Roman zaharov, the Court found that Russia's current system of intercepting mobile phones, known as SORM, does not meet the requirements of the European Convention on human rights.

Without the presence of safeguards against violations of the right to privacy, such a system of control that formally aims to protect national security, may lead to the infringement of democratic rights and freedoms, said in the decision to the Strasbourg Court.

But the Court did not award the Zakharov monetary compensation. The Russian State only has to reimburse his legal fees.

System operational-search measures, known by the Russian acronym SORM, gives Russian agencies and the technical ability to control not only phone calls but also the exchange of information and communication on the Internet.

Source: radiosvoboda

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