The Spaniards elected Parliament

Spain 2015The Spaniards this Sunday to elect a Parliament-General kortesi. Voters vote for the 350 members of the Congress of Deputies (lower house), as well as 208 senators (upper house). These elections will put an end to the 30-year-old dominance of the bipartisan system in Spain. According to the polls, significant representation in Parliament can get immediately the four party. With the two traditional parties – folk and Socialist – competes the younger generation of politicians-left populists "Podemos", headed by Pablo Ìǵlesìasom and Liberals from the party "citizens", led by one of the most popular politicians in the country and Alberto Rìveroû. Management is now the people's Party of Mariano Rahoâ likely will have enough seats in Parliament to either form a new Government. With this merge with konservatoromi as long as does not want any of the other three political forces.


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