The British Premier has put a border of Bulgaria in the butt all over the EU

British Prime Minister David Cameron believes that protecting State borders EU countries should take an example from Bulgaria, which successfully cope with the flow of refugees.

This opinion he expressed during the visit together with the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov border "Lesovo" at the Bulgarian-Turkish border, reported the own UkrInform correspondent.

"The State of the European Union, faced with the large flow of migrant workers, should take an example from Bulgaria, which made effective measures to control and protect the external borders," said Cameron.

He also expressed the satisfaction level of protection of maritime borders.

To prevent illegal infiltration of migrants in Bulgaria, the area of the border, which was visited by the British Prime Minister, is protected by a fence of barbed wire. Its total length is 30 kilometres away.

In addition, for the protection of State borders Bulgaria invoked additional forces–more than a thousand policemen.


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