Ternopil Region invites you to a pilgrimage in Zarvanicû

Pray for peace and ask God of Mercy will be 16-17 September in the village of Zarvanytsia, Ternopil region. This year the traditional national pilgrimage has to collect even more faithful, they expect more than 1 million. Previously known, that at this time the Came has come Ugcc Patriarch Svyatoslav.

Now the Organizing Committee led by Chairman of the Ternopil oblast State administration is actively working on preparations for the pilgrimage. The greatest attention to security measures, the logistics of arrival of the pilgrims, the improvement of sanitary conditions.

"The miraculous icon of the Mother of God of Zarvanytsia was solemnly crowned for pilgrims from all over Ukraine and abroad. Everyone who will visit the Zarvanicû to want to come back here again and again. After all, this is the place empties, gives peace of mind, infuses the grace of God, "says the head of the Ternopil oblast State administration, Stepan Barna.

The pilgrimage is intended for a few days. Yes, already 11-14 July, pilgrims will go take pilgrimage of Khmelnytsky, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv region.

Become a member of pilgrimage can anyone, but those wishing to join the walking of the Ternopil region asking to carry out previous record to 14 July.

From Ternopil main column is about 2 thousand people went on Friday, July 15, at 8:30 p.m., the meeting place is the Arhikatedral′nij Cathedral (St. 21, 14). A procession will last for two days. Make respite and stay pilgrims will be in Shock.

On Saturday, July 16, his beatitude Svyatoslav will meet with young people. Traditionally, will hike with candles to the pilgrims. There will be a memorial service at the Memorial of the sky hundreds of all who have died defending. At midnight of the same day on the spivoche pole held the spiritual concert for young people a night. Also will be a Prayer to the Virgin Mary and the Cross Road with reflections on God's mercy.

Sunday, July 17, the main event will be the Bishop's Liturgy, which will begin at 9:00 am.

Organizers advise to all the pilgrims take care of comfortable shoes and clothing, headgear, a sufficient amount of water. Participants walking must have vervičku, personal, karìmat, sleeping bag, lightweight backpack podorožuûčogo of the most necessary things, tent (to be taken centrally). For the latest course-096-837-56-72, 097-408-71-17.

Ternopil Region invites you to visit Zarvanicû and feel the incredible aura of this holy place.

Volga spiritual centre in the village. Zarvanytsia is an Association of 20 Marìjs′kih spiritual centers of Europe. Each year from May to October, it is visited by an average of 2 million pilgrims. This year's pilgrimage is timed to the year of divine mercy and prayer for peace in Ukraine.

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