Russia still does not give the bodies to the relatives of the victims in Egypt

Relatives of the victims of the plane crash in Egypt came up with the open letter, complain about the lack of information and attention.

A month after the disaster on Sinajs′kim peninsula liner Fi airline Metrojet relatives of victims complain about the lack of information concerning the progress of the investigation of the disaster, as well as the fact that they prefer the body of relatives.

People want to bury their loved ones at least as from the day of their death will be 40 days. Call an investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, to obtain information on how to place the examination of DNA and when will give the body becomes harder. In addition, information is often supplied inconsistent. Losing patience, a large group of relatives of the victims decided to address the MEDIA with the open letter, which procituvalo Internet Edition «Fontanka».

"Each new day we fed" zavtrakami ". The last and this week promised that the issuing bodies will from December 1. Today we were told that giving the bodies will be held from December 7. We are tired of waiting and I hate! We know that the examination of the "whole" bodies certainly is completed and all of the names are known. Why can't the issuance of these bodies? We want to know. We want to understand. Soon the 40 days. Let us bury their relatives. We require from you respect! "

The problems are not only with the issuing bodies, but with the payment of compensation, the Director of public relations of the company "Ingosstrakh" Karen Asoân.

"All relatives, we are obliged to pay compensation according to the law, we pay. In difficult cases we communicate with relatives of the dead passengers individually and discourage decisions depending on the situation. The main problem lies in the fact that in several cases killed virtually the entire family, and by law, relatives of the second line for compensation do not qualify. But every such case we consider separately and try to decide in favor of the relatives of the victims. And in General, on the second day after the disaster, we have to pay advances in the amount of 100 tisisâč rubles, realizing that people needed money for urgent needs. But when we finish paying, not presume it depends on relatives of passengers. We received 243 applications for 190 passengers – it is about advances, and complete payments together, "said Asoân.

Cases with payments of compensation for people killed the whole family, really hard, says lawyer Alexander Hazov, which represents the interests of one of the families whose members were asked not to call their names.

– Total collision is that in the event of the death of the entire family of anyone receiving compensation for the children. Humanly grandparents too is a victim in this case, but the law of compensation for the grandchildren they get may not – it's not spelled out in the air code of the Russian Federation, which governs such matters. It directly listed vigodonabuvačì is parents and children, other relatives not mentioned. This gap in the legislation, which does not allow such close relatives, as grandparents, uncles and aunts, to receive compensation.

– And in international law in the area of compensation, there are problems with payments to relatives of the second order?

-Performers of the Convention there is no list of beneficiaries, so compensation can claim anyone who proves that he may be injured.

In the matter of the size of the payouts in General, things are not so simple, says a colleague of Alexander Hazìna, lawyer Yevgeny Tarasov.

"There is not only the Montreal Convention, the Warsaw Convention is still, as the legislation, which is controlled by Russia, is somewhere in the middle. The Warsaw Convention limits the carrier's liability payments and a half millions of rubles. And in Russia go towards victims certainly paying 2 million. But in fact, there is no upper limit and citizens who prove that they have the right to more can get, in effect, unlimited payments. But no one is just so the money to give, and it's right, "says the lawyer.

According to Eugene Tarasova, the State Duma could increase the standard insurance payments, setting their amount to more than 2 million rubles, but then would have increased the fee for insurance and airline tickets in General.

Source: radiosvoboda

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