Photos Of Mr. Kogìto

We invite everyone to take part in the contest "Pictures of Mr Kogìto."

The contest is a continuation of the project "train to literature", his second, and aims at promoting the poetry of Zbigniew Herbert in the original and translation in Ukrainian.

To all interested send one poem Zbigniew Herbert in the original or in translation, along with a photograph of his own authorship, ìnspìrovanoû the meaning of the poem.

A gallery of photos, which we hope to create, will be presented on the Web site of the Consulate.

Received the photos we find three authors whom will receive book awards.

Photos in electronic form together with the text of the selected poem and the author – you need to send to the address

prior to February 1, 2016.

Image here is derived from LìtAkcentu. Thanks for the info Kšištofu Savìc′komu

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