In the United States urged Obama to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine

People in the East of Ukraine have become hostages of the invaders and suffer from the humanitarian crisis. With these words the United States Congressional hearings devoted to refugees in Europe, asked Rep. Marcy Kaptur.

The Congress United States Marcy Kaptur in the emotional speech zaklikalaprezidenta Barack Obama immediately to lead the international effort for the coordination of humanitarian assistance.

Certainly, America, guided by the principles of morality, can find a way to help the Ukrainians who are hostages of the situation, to help it test and severe winter, which is approaching. If we do not help Ukraine, Ukraine will be cut away from the free world. I urge the Obama administration to draw attention to a growing humanitarian crisis in Europe, not only in Western Europe, but also on its East – in Ukraine, "said Kaptur.

She read out a letter previously referred to President Obama church leaders of various denominations, asking for help.

"The needs are endless – medical equipment, necessities, water, food, clothing. We ask you, Mr. President, to increase help, activate the full potential of the National Guard, State cooperation and partnership for peace in order to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe, "read the Congressman.

Without support, pushed from their own dwellings in Russian aggression and unbearable conditions, Ukrainians are forced to flee to the West, Kaptur: this is still destabilising the situation in Europe, which already spent the entire resource assistance to refugees and settlers arriving from the Middle East. "

Those who can not leave the occupied territories, like Kaptur, remained virtually without international support. Foreign humanitarian missions do not have the ability to work in the territory of which the control of separatists.

"The Un is the only humanitarian organization, which allow the territory controlled by the Russians, but even UN 3 months were forbidden to send aid to the East of Ukraine. And just recently, on November 9, they managed to send in Lugansk convoy of 9 trucks filled with vital things. There were 10,000 blankets, 10,000 towels, 5 thousand buckets, cement, lumber for housing repairs, etc. And that's all they can do. Imagine millions of needy and 10,000 blankets. In such a situation was Ukraine today. What will the world of that response will provide the United States, "said Kaptur.

The United Nations estimates more than 5 million people in Ukraine today is in need of immediate humanitarian aid due to conflict in the Donbas.

Source: radiosvobod

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