Germany sent the first planes to Syria: published photos and videos

Germany sent to Turkey the first group of troops that will take part in the international coalition against terrorist group "Islamic State" in Syria.

It was "Evropravda".

On Thursday the Turkish airbase "Ìndžìrlik" went off 40 soldiers, two aircraft-Scouts Tornado and aircraft-refueling tanker A310MRTT.

Military to take military transport plane A400M, on board which is also the appropriate equipment for support of ground operations.

All supposed to send six Tornado jets to participate in operations against ÌDÌL. The German military will join operations on January 1.

Tornado aircraft of 51 Squadron, 5th aviation tactical Immelmann will perform exclusively the intelligence function.

They are equipped with two cameras, able to make images with high resolution at speeds up to 1000 km/h and pass them in real time to ground stations.

Aircraft-refueling tanker will be used for fueling coalition forces bombers.

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