Baltic countries urge NATO to strengthen presence in the region

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are advocating for the development by the June Summit of the mechanism of prolonged, extended and significant presence of NATO allies, sufficient to deter any kind of aggression "by Russia.
As stated after the meeting of Foreign Ministers of NATO member countries the head of the FOREIGN MINISTRY of Latvia Edgar Rìnkevičs, on negotiations considered does not create in the Baltic region of permanent bases of NATO and the question of the preparation of the Warsaw Summit decisions, which would have ensured a sufficient deterrent mechanism. For this Act, and the other countries of the eastern flank of NATO, such as Poland and Romania.
"It means more extended, an even greater presence of NATO allies without specific deadlines. In our interest now is not a stylistic discussions of particular phrases, as everything is called, and the real presence of the allies. Work on specific issues, but I have seen colleagues and on the East and on the southern flank of the determined to do anything to prolong the NATO presence in the Baltic States, Poland, or the so-called Eastern flank, and it was enough, "said Rìnkevìčus.
These issues are planning to discuss and NATO ambassadors and Defence Ministers and military experts. The head of the FOREIGN MINISTRY of Latvia also draws attention to the fact that the allies endorse the determination of Latvia to increase the defence budget to 2% of GDP. "It relieves some stress," he said.


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