Arrested one of the Chief suspects in the genocide in Rwanda

Arrested one of nine major suspects responsible for the genocide in Rwanda.

It is reported in the report of the UNITED NATIONS, reports RIA Novosti.

Ladìslas Ntaganzvì (Ladislas Ntaganzwa), former Mayor, charged with genocide and crimes against humanity "for the killing of thousands of Tutsis in different places."

"He was also accused of organizing violence, particularly of a sexual nature, for many women," said in a statement the international mechanism for criminal tribunals (MMKT).

It is reported that 53-year-old Ntaganzva was arrested in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday and is expected to appear before the Court in Rwanda.

In 2008 Spain's High Court accused 40 ruandìjs′kih military and political leaders in revenge murders after the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

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